According to many news outlets, Hurricane Irma is set to cause massive destruction at a record level. Headings towards the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, Hurricane Irma is so big that it shows up on the Earthquake meter. The storm is said to be the size
of Texas.
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Already many Florida gas stations are running out of gas, and the gas stations that still have gas, are filled with long lines of over a two hour wait to fill up.

To give you an idea of how strong the storm is, The small island of Puerto Rico suspects that it could take months to restore power to the areas affected by this Irma.

Earlier in the week, it was unclear what path Irma would take but now it is becoming clearer that it will come into the United States, starting with Florida. Now the next question is....where to next? Will it go back out to see? Or will it head towards the North East to places like capital, Washington D.C, and New York. Parts of New York City are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

At least two dead from Irma; one in St Barts and the other in St. Martin. Unfortunately, the storm is only just beginning. This is following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey that hit the Gulf Coast nearly two weeks ago. Harvey flooded the many small towns and also the big city of Houston. The water is only just now beginning to recede there but there is still many damage to fix, homes to replace, displaced people to move around, among other crises.

As FEMA is tending to those affected by Hurricane Harvey, Irma is going to be another feat to handle as FEMA may be running out of money. Funds have been set up to help with Hurricane Irma through a few sties to donate.

Please adhere to the warnings of storms. If they say leave, LEAVE.

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