It is hurricane season and so far this, it has been living up to it's name after Hurricane Harvey destroyed parts of the Gulf Coast, and the predicted and pending doom of the biggest storm to come, Hurricane Irma, that is expected to cause catastrophic damage. Now on the tail of Irma, comes Jose, another Hurricane out in the Atlantic Ocean. As of 5:00 PM ET, Storm Jose increased it's strength causing it to now be classified as a hurricane.

Image result for eclipse august 2017It all seems weird, but this year on August 21, an eclipse
fascinated millions as it streamed across the United States. Could this be a result of the moon and the sun? No doubt about that, but either way you look at it, hurricane season is just now beginning and will not end until November. 

Please, if you live in the areas where hurricane's frequent, listen to the warnings.
Jose Projected Path